Sensuous foreskin-play leads to raunchy, outstretched fuck fun! HD

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Description: Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at the door - and what could be better at this magical time of year than spending a little quality time with the person you love? Alternatively, you can tune into this fabulous sofa-based escapade featuring two of STAXUS's favorite models, Justin Conway and Timmy Taylor, and knock out a load or two in their unforgettable company. Because let's face it, this is one fantastic coupling you won't want to miss. Cute blond-boy Conway is as gorgeous as they come (as always), and clearly can't wait to feast on his mate's thick, meaty cock - nibbling and playing with Taylor's foreskin like any good slut should. In fairness the compliment is returned, but Taylor's attention is always firmly set on getting that handsome dick of his deep inside Conway's pert little ass - an objective he achieves with ease (you won't be surprised to learn). Indeed, before you know it Conway's ass-hole is sliding up and down Taylor's shaft like it was born for the task, signaling the beginning of a spunktastic fuckathon that sees the young slut taken in every position known to man. Little wonder both lads eventually spew like New Year fireworks!
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