A dick-lovin' beauty - Orlando White and Tristan Wood

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Description: Let's face it, most guys would wake up next to STAXUS favourite, Orlando White, and probably be quite convinced that they'd died during the night and woken up in Nirvana! For whatever reason, however, Tristan Wood is not one of those guys! Maybe the young beauty has had a bump to the head during the nocturnal hours, or maybe he's a straight lad after all. Whatever the cause, he begins this scene by actually trying to leave his buddy alone in bed – an act of arguable rank stupidity, but which immediately leaves White with little choice but to pull out all the stops in an effort to get the early-morning fuck that a chap of his calibre and quality demands and deserves! Of course, we probably don't need to tell you that White's advances quickly gain results. Before you can say 'Bore Da', this little Welsh cottage bedroom has been transformed into a den of bareback iniquity – first by Wood deep-throating his mate's handsome ramrod; then by White returning the favour, before rimming Wood's hairless ass; and then finally by White pushing every inch of his raw knob deep into his mate's pucker in order to give Wood a salient lesson in man-on-man fornication! Not that a fellow of Wood's form requires any such instruction; but it's not every day that you get the chance to have your guts stretched by a sex-god of White's quality, and given the look of pained ecstasy that he displays during the course of his buggery we hazard a guess that this is one fuck he won't forget in a hurry – or for that matter want to! And the resultant cascade of jizz proves our point!
Channel: Staxus